Website Designing & Development

Is your business struggling in these difficult economic times? Are you looking for ways to decrease costs while increasing customer loyalty and employee performance? Samvaad can help you find ways to make your business more profitable by utilizing strategic Website Designing & Development custom web software to automate standard (or specialized) business functions.

Our custom software design experts can guide you through the tasks of selecting business processes that are suitable for service via the web, assist with corporate branding, navigation and presentation strategies, design the necessary supporting databases, and identify any necessary software integration links. Once the design is complete our database development team will construct and optimize the supporting databases and our custom software developers will build the custom web pages required to support your application. Samvaad employs a modified RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodology focused on execution of short term development sprints extracted from the master development plan. This segmented development approach allows us to build rapidly while controlling quality and scope creep. Our custom software is subjected to rigorous testing throughout the software development process and our clients are encouraged to participate in unit testing as the software is being built.

Website Designing & Development

Service Based



Maintenance & Support

For existing web applications (either created by us or another team), you can opt for a flexible approach where you commit to a regular schedule of work that our team tackles on a priority basis.


Task-Driven Work

You’ll control development by queuing tasks for the team. We’ll help keep things organized with our online tools and can create estimates and mockups efficiently.



Staff Augmentation

In some cases, you may prefer that our developers join your team for dedicated, focused development efforts. We can travel to work with you on-site or work remotely as best fits your circumstances.

Project Based



      New & Large Projects

For new projects or larger, discrete development efforts, Samvaad will often work in a project-based model where we define the scope of work, budget, and schedule before embarking on development.

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Task-Driven Work

Led by Project Managers, our projects begin with a design and planning stage followed by development and deployment phases.


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        User Experience & Specifications

For front-end design, we create wireframes to demonstrate how pages will appear and write use cases to describe interface behaviors. For back-end technical specifications, we clarify non-interface requirements for systems integrations, data layers, security needs, etc.