Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management System


Visitors Management Software Concept

In today's time, security is an area of major concern. Being alert and cautious is inevitable to ensure safety, track the facilities usage of your visitors with our easy to use and implement Visitor Management Software. The idea behind our security solutions is to authenticate visitor information in a quick and problem-free manner.


  • => Traditional visitor logs (manual & computer based) have visitor data as provided by the visitor.
  • => It is very easy to defeat the system by providing incorrect data.
  • => VAMS application captures crucial visitor details like their mobile number and photograph and authenticates their mobile number (which under KYC norms is validated data). This helps in maintaining an authentic data set for better security.
  • => It facilitates faster and automated visitor registration in offices and avoidance of repeatedly writing personal details.
  • => It provides dependable visitor data for the company's record and helps in protecting visitor's information from misuse.


VMS Features

  • => Corporate & Building Modules
  • => Authenticated visitor entry by authenticating visitor mobile no.
  • => Visitor notification to host employee via SMS (Optional) and/or Email (with Visitor Photograph)
  • => Optional Numeric Keypad to protect essential visitor information.
  • => Web Based application with the centralized database.
  • => Easy and real time visitor report retrieval.
  • => Visitor overstay alert to concerned person.
  • => Pre – Appointments module to expedite visitor's entry.
  • => Integration with Active Directory Service (ADS).
  • => Available under Opex & Capex pricing models