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Applications and  Services offered by Samvaad in Data, Video, Voice and Software’s with the clear understanding of the Customer and giving a platform based on Service Oriented Architecture and modular design helps the user to get the maximum utilization on the existing infrastructure and the Future benefits derived out of the Customization done by us.

Lot more Customers do require a lot of customization on the Software’s, Analytics, CRM, IVR and lot on the Reporting Module we offer and give a user Benefit of the customizable application as lot more Process and Campaigns do land up and the customer needs a different screen and the CTI capability depending on the user requirements.

Samvaad fast adaptability to the change requests helps the user to have a ease comfort and confidence on our Platform and their investment on us.

Consultation Service By Our Experts For Your Business 

Consultation by an Expert for Your Project can be extremely handy for you so that you buy the Right solution.
IT being a very Niche Segment, there can be a Snag or a Blind Move while Procuring the System or getting build a Software.

Samvaad offers a complete range of Consultation  services on Data, Video, Voice, Structured Networking, VoIP, Software Development, SEO, SMM, etc. starting from an end point to complete Analysis with Network Design, Cost Analysis and maintaining the same.

Samvaad also offers post sales service packs with one year as well as extended warranty Packs up to 3/5 years on initial day of commissioning giving you an assurance on support and obsolescence.















Installations Made Easy, Rugged and Convergent.

Samvaad helps his Partners and End users with installation for all products which have been rolled out by our Ware House.

A good deployment leads to Maintenance free, stable system so that all stake holders in the Sales cycle starts reaping the benefits of stable System from a Distributor, Reseller or an end Customer.

Samvaad makes sure that the right product accelerates the efficiency and effectiveness of organization and make the Planet look smaller.

Leveraging Samvaad, you can now leave the burden of assessing your situation, selecting the proper solution and installing it to the experts at Samvaad E-Solutions.



Samvaad does a perfect Configuration so why not choose us?

Multitasking is need of day and doing it in specific field only results in efficiency; Samvaad Expertise in his Solutions, can share your Load and reduce your Man Power Costs.

So why don’t you let Samvaad help and Streamline your Solutions?

Samvaad as a company has Distribution as well as System Integration arm so not only we can roll out the exact products to our customers and Resellers but also help in configuration, tweaking of either an end point or the total System design.

Samvaad product lines strategically have been chosen from the best Companies in said Segment and have its own Competitive advantage over others and carry state of art solutions which not only help with the exact requirement but also save lot of money and increase in efficiency to the end user.















Samvaad also helps you integrate multiple solutions delivered.

We at Samvaad, make it possible for the end user to efficiently save his time to get the best results, at a glance, by integrating the solutions and technology together at a single platform.

Here we are best, and for which we are known in the Industry

IVR Customization

IVR automates inbound call routing and fosters self-service. Different business processes need different call flows for directing the inbound queries. Our System creates elegant call flows for all kinds of simple and complex business processes like customer support, tech support, directory services and many more. The IVR call flow can be customized as per different requirements. The call can be directed as per the DTMF input entered by the caller. In case of a customer query for account balance, the call can be first directed as per the language chosen, then with the pre-integrated database, the account details can be fetched and the result is announced to the caller via TTS (text to speech).

A complex IVR-flow (as in case of order management) can also be created. The whole process of placing an order by the caller, and checking the status with the help of the order number can be automated with the customized IVR flow. During wait time or hold time, messages about other products and promotional offers can also be played allowing you to capitalize on cross–selling and up-selling opportunities. For example a customer may ask for a “Meal for two” instead of two individual pizzas after listening to the offer while he was in the queue.













report customisation




 Report Customization

In order to gauge performance across different business entities, enterprises require business specific reports and analytics. Within the organization, the executives are interested in different business analytics, the middle management examines day to day activities, while the top management scrutinizes macro performance of all different departments and units. Thus, different reports need to be customized as per the business processes and work force distribution of an enterprise.

Apart from standard reports such as Agent Productivity Report, Lead Penetration Report, Call History, Call Details, Our System allows you to generate all kinds of statistical reports, individual reports, campaign reports, call reports and system reports. Such comprehensive report structure would give managers and analysts a deep insight in to the performance of your agents, inbound, outbound or blended campaigns, and other performance parameters.

Some examples of such customized reports are Agent-wise Call Detail Report, Pending Callback report, Missed Call detail Report, Disposition reports or Franchisee Detail Data, Etc.


We at Samvaad, Offers few Solutions and Systems on Rental Basis or Temporary Installations Such as Security and Surveillance of Outdoor Event, Examinations, Rally’s, Promotions, Business Developments, Etc.

For Further Enquiries, Please write to us at
















Extended Warranty, CAMC and AMC Services

Protect your investment with Samvaad E-Solutions

No complex forms.

No waiting in line.

No hassles.

Ensure3 damaged end Product.

Let’s face it, products breaks.

More often than not, they break when you least expect them to and after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. For most businesses, IT hardware represents a major infrastructure expense.



The Samvaad Ensure3 warranty program was designed to offer complete protection of this investment. If your equipment fails, malfunctions, or ceases to operate properly for any reason… as a result of manufacturer defect, component failure, we’ll provide an expedited replacement. (Except User Negligence)

With Ensure3, your hardware purchase is completely covered for a full 3 years from the date of purchase. Ensure3 is only applicable If Opted.

Basic Conditions (No Fine Print):

The equipment must have been purchased from us and must be returned within the Ensure3 warranty period. Ensure3 coverage must be purchased at the point of sale, and is not refundable.

Post Warranty Expire Services:

Samvaad as a company understands the customer relations so as a Policy we do service the partners; resellers and end customers on Per day Visit Basis where the product is not under warranty. The Decision to take the system in warranty post inspection and paying the Man day visit charges is at the discretion of Samvaad E-Solutions.

 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services (CAMC)/ Annual Maintenance Services (AMC):

Samvaad Offers CAMC services for all products and solutions sold by us, we welcome our customers for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance, which help them to reduce burden of failure and locate a service. The CAMC service include upkeep of the product, preventive maintenance, replacement of defective parts/products and a service at the end user doorstep.

Whereas, AMC do not include replacement of defective parts and spare. IN AMC the end user is charged for the parts/Spares/Products only.

We recommend our customers to always opt for CAMC’s