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“We don’t have a choice on whether to do social
media, the question is how well we do it “- Erik Qualman

Seo & Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Seo & Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization


Social media marketing strategy
We help you by evaluating your requirements, making you aware of the opportunities and finally advising the actions that are to be taken for a long-term success in the field.

Recommend software
Finding the proper search engine optimization and social marketing tools for correct tracking of performances, management and opportunities can be a tough job. We will suggest which SEO or SMM marketing tools can be used amidst the several ones available. We offer all these suggestions based on your budget and resources.

Implementation guidelines
Are you clear about what you wish to do with social media? In case you are not, we will help you in integrating with your brand, abiding by the different brands as well as guiding you about your future development and communication.

Competitive analysis
Your competitor may be doing great with videos, linkbait, blogs, community building, widgets etc. Our team of SMO services experts will identify their maneuver so that you can use it to popularize your own website.

Social media audit
This involves a detailed analysis of the presence of your site in all the networking websites as well as ways of increasing it.

Creating social profile
We will be identifying the social network sites where you are popular and where you need to participate. We will also help you create and manage your media profiles to ensure that it attracts viewers and prompts the two-way conversation.

Widget creation strategy
We will determine where to make you do a widget campaign by analyzing your website. We will also determine the widget that may be beneficial for your website, as well as ascertain what your competitors are up to and how you can leave them behind.

Blog strategy
We can help you create your blog so that it helps in popularizing your brand in the blog community. We will be helping you by offering ideas for blog posts, writing the posts, showing you how to comment on other's blogs etc.

Community monitoring
We can monitor the communities relevant or important to your brand, analyze them and respond to both positive and negative comments.


Understanding your exact requirements, reducing your cost and increasing your productivity. We value time, both yours and ours; hence, carry out our tasks in a crisp and precise manner.


  • We are disciples of the latest search engine guidelines. Our experts continuously keep themselves updated so that they can get you a desired place in your niche market by optimising your website.
  • We acknowledge that each and every site is different, with distinct set of requirements. Hence, employ unique SEO services for each of you.
  • We don't intend to burn a hole in your pocket.
  • We strive to offer you a greater volume of targeted traffic.


Apart from not making fake promises, we try to be distinct by following a compact work process, which comprises the following steps:

1. Project Confirmation: The process begins with you sending us a project enquiry. Followed by this we analyse your website and send you a quote. If you are fine with that and send us a confirmation regarding the project, then we go to the next step.

2. Business model and objective understanding: Once you confirm the project we analyse your business and communicate with you to understand your primary objectives behind hiring us. This can be done via email, telephonic conversation, audio chat or through a regular chat.

3. Planning: Once we get a clear picture of what you want us for, we start with our plan of action, i.e. which place to reach and how. Then we allot the task to one or more members from our team. We make sure that the person or the group of persons are briefed about the requirements of your project before they begin with the work. It is with this person or team that you can get in touch with to find out where your project stands and let them know if you want any changes in the strategy or are not happy with the results that you are getting.

4. On-page and Off-page SEO: Our professionals execute effective on page SEO and off-page SEO. They see to it that you have quality on-page content, target search phrases, images and high quality backlinks.

5. Other marketing strategies: From the requirements that you give us, we tell you whether you need SMO, PPC or some other marketing campaign, like reputation management. Like, if you want brand recognition, SMO is the way to go; if you seek instant sales, then PPC can do wonders for you; and for enhancing the reputation of brand, reputation management can be opted for. Besides, there are other marketing services that we are adept at.

6. Weekly and monthly reporting: We offer you reports on search ranks, back links, Analytics, etc., on a weekly and monthly basis. This you get directly from the person or the group of experts working for you.