Do you need custom software to improve the functionality of your enterprise technology initiatives? Are you getting a suitable return on your business software investment? Are your customers or suppliers complaining that they can't do business with you via the Internet because of problems with inaccurate or missing information, data not available when it is required (or not available in the correct format), or your software is simply too confusing to use? We  "Samvad Solutions" are a Customized Software Development Company Dehradun offering  range of custom software development services in Dehradun, Uttarakhand for SME & Large Organization.

Don't wait for your competition to snare your valuable customers because they have a superior business software solution. Our professional custom software consultants can help you define efficient business processes that can improve your operational efficiencies and you time and money. Equally important, Our custom software designers will help you evaluate business practices and software solutions designed to increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention. If you are serious about your business and eCommerce software then you should consider software consulting, software design, custom software development or a custom software solutions from Samvaad.

Our software designs include detailed use cases, easy to understand wireframes and user interface prototypes, complete database models, and implementation / test plans. Our database development projects typically include a data model, data dictionary, database normalization, and embedded stored procedures / triggers for maximum custom software performance. Visit our custom software development lifecycle management page for more information about our development process.


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We create the right tools your team needs…

Gone are the days when an IT department could install one software package and be done with it (not that those days ever really existed). Information is in the cloud, on mobile devices, in vertical applications, in spreadsheets, email, calendars, and even with your customers.

In today’s world software business solutions have to serve as a broad set of integrated tools working together. Some are complex, some are simple. Some are traditional desktop applications, some are cloud-based, some are mobile.

It’s all about choosing the right tool for the job and getting them to work together. That’s where Samvaad comes in.


… and create tools that evolve with your business.

We’ve crafted hundreds of productivity applications, content management systems, process tools, databases, web solutions, mobile apps, and more — each one tuned to the unique needs of each business we encounter. We design, integrate and develop as necessary.

We’re never one-size-fits-all and we recognize that the simplest approach is often the best. Samvaad Consulting’s best strength is our ability to bring thousands of hours of experience solving problems to the table.

By hiring a partner that truly understands the work your team does, you can continue to mold the tools to your team, rather than the other way around. As your business grows, we can make small changes, and at times not-so-small changes, to ensure your software solutions keep pace.

Why Samvaad ?

Our team has helped shape our clients’ futures as well as served to simply make their business lives easier.

We’re consultants first, developers second — what that means to us is that more than just being developers for hire, we will focus on process, business context, the problems you face, your resources, and we will partner with you on defining the right solutions for your business.