Cloud Integration & Data Management Service Provider Dehradun

Many enterprise users of  Cloud Integration & Data Management Service  want to save money, while others want to reduce their reliance on an internal IT function, or increase efficiency and agility. However, all want to make sure they get a satisfactory level of service from cloud providers. Samvad Solution offers you  Fast, reliable & Secure Cloud Integration & Data Management Service Provider Dehradun/Uttarakhand,India

One way to mitigate your company’s risk and enhance the value of services delivered through the cloud is to use intermediaries to support the needs of the business user or consuming enterprise. This can be achieved while also addressing the need to customize, integrate, and manage your cloud services.

We at Liaison understand these issues and intricacies as we were born in the cloud 15 years ago. Our expertise can be leveraged to make sure that your environment runs effortlessly and efficiently with benefits such as:

  • Tailored services to connect cloud-to-cloud to cloud endpoints
  • Support for a variety of protocols (AS2, HTTPS, etc.)
  • Small footprint on-premise agent to transfer and route information to other on-premise and/or cloud endpoints
  • Built-in data security
  • Support for hundreds of data and application interfaces
  • Transformation of data based on business requirements
  • Transnational and operational information monitoring dashboard through Samvaad


Cloud Integration & Data Management Service Provider Dehradun