Surveillance & Monitoring

Samvaad with world's best OEM's has the security industry's broadest and most robust selection of digital video solutions. Our solutions & systems are the world's most powerful, which can be integrated with each other at any level and our high performance camera can function in even the most hostile industrial conditions. Our camera have IR illumination for seeing in total darkness, our wide dynamic range cameras can provide amazing detail in the most severe high contrast situations and even explosion-proof domes are available for volatile and gaseous industrial environment .


Network Cameras & Systems

 We offer complete solution for IP Cameras & Systems

Fixed Dome / Bullet IP Camera

CCTV Camera

A fixed network camera is a camera that has a fixed viewing direction once it is mounted. It may come with a fixed, varifocal or motorized zoom lens, and the lens may be exchangeable on some cameras. Our indoor and outdoor fixed camera offerings include the traditional camera type where the camera and the direction in which it is pointing are clearly visible. We offer cameras having features like Low Lux and Smart IR, PoE, Multiple H.264 /H.265 Streaming, On board Storage with resolutions up to 12 Megapixel.

Our PTZ dome network cameras provide pan, tilt and zoom functions, enabling wide area coverage and great details when zooming in.

The PTZ domes may support features such as guard tour, tour recording, audio, input/output ports for external alarm devices, Zip stream technology, Gatekeeper functionality, auto tracking, Our Camera Application Platform for intelligent video applications, and weather-proofing, including Arctic Temperature Control for extremely cold conditions. A wide range of accessories is available, including joystick for easy maneuvering and mounting kits for indoor/outdoor installations.

PTZ Network Camera

CCTV Camera


Fisheye Panoramic Cameras

CCTV Camera

Panoramic cameras provide a 360º field of view, ideal for surveillance applications that require wide area coverage in a single view. Such cameras can be used to detect activities in a large area, track the flow of people and improve area management.

With a wide-angle lens and a 5-megapixel sensor, these affordably priced fixed domes offer multiple viewing models such as 360º overview, 180º panorama, quad views (simulating four different cameras) and view areas with support for digital pan/tilt/zoom functionality.

Our Cameras offers vandal-resistance, discreetness with its smoke detector-like casing. These type of camera is a cost-effective video and audio surveillance solution that offers several panoramic views, indoors or outdoors, in any light conditions. The cameras can cover an area more than 650 m² (7,000 sq. ft.). They are ideal for retail stores, hotels, schools and offices.

With an Network Video recorder you get an easy-to-install and reliable High Definition solution perfectly adapted to ONVIF wide range of network products. The recorders are preloaded with all necessary software including video management software licenses. With us as the single point of contact, you can feel confident that any problem that may arise will be handled quickly and efficiently.  The recorders are available as standalone systems for office environments as well as rack servers for installation in server rooms.

Network Video Recorder

CCTV Camera

Network Attached Storage

CCTV Camera

Our Network Attached Storage (NAS) are professional network surveillance Video Management System (VMS). Being one of the NAS standard applications, the Surveillance Station can be activated on the App Center to turn the NAS into a professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) system for real-time monitoring, recording, playback, alarm notifications, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), and management to safeguard your assets and property when used with supported IP cameras.

Our VMS is integrated with comprehensive cluster of advanced Video Analytic Algorithms.

Each Video Analytic Module is coupled with Incident-Event-Action framework. User can set different actions on each Video Analytic events. Video Analysis is a revolutionary step being taken in Video Surveillance domains using Artificial intelligence.

Video Analysis simply means decreasing manual or manned efforts and time by analyzing video through machine intelligence, image processing and computer vision technology.

We provide highly advanced video analysis / video content analytics modules coupled with Incident-Event-Action framework which help decreasing manual efforts and make impossible things possible. We provide different analysis / analytics modules for various sectors. Some renowned analytics involved:

  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • Video Based Fire Detection
  • Zone Intrusion Detection
  • Automatic Video Image Enhancement
  • Boundary Loitering Detection
  • Intelligent People Counting
  • Object Removal Detection
  • Perimeter Tripwire
  • Stopped Vehicle Detection
  • Camera Tampering Detection
  • Toll Plaza Vehicle Classification

Each of the above Video Analytics / Analysis can be run both in manual and auto mode with scheduled presets. On each Video Analytic Event detection, VMS can send alerts to appropriate security personnel. Our Alert Management Framework supports alerts in the form of Sound alarms, Email, SMS, and Camera Alarm.

Above all Video Analytics / Analysis are equipped with our False Alarm Suppression Technology (FAST) which minimizes false alarms and further strengthens the solution reliability.

Video Analytics

video analytics


Face Recognition System


CCTV Camera

Dedicated for forensic application, Our FRS Reveal is a software application dedicated to solving crimes using facial recognition technology. FRS Reveal - Dedicated for investigative application, FRS Reveal is a software application dedicated to solving crimes using facial recognition technology. FRS Reveal allows for capture of facial evidence, either from photographs or crime scene videos. Facial evidence is collected, enhanced and encoded for search against a facial gallery and through user-friendly applications are available for side-by-side viewing and verification. FRS Reveal is available as either a standalone solution or integrated with biometric identification system.

FRS Watch Designed for operational security users, FRS Watch integrates with existing video surveillance systems enhancing security by extracting faces in real time from surveillance or even web cameras and instantaneously matching them against a watch list of individuals. Multiple alert options are available within FRS Watch.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a system in which grabs the images from a camera that frames the front or rear of the vehicle stationary or in motion. The system can work either in triggered mode by receiving an input from an external apparatus or in free-flow constantly analysing the images acquired by the camera to detect the presence of vehicles. Once the presence of vehicle has been detected, the software identify the rectangle in the image containing the license plate and, using an advanced license plate recognition system, extracts the license plate alphanumeric string in ASCII format. The character string can be used for comparison with one or more list (white list, black list, etc..) and can be sent to management systems of any kind. The system is suitable for use in a variety of operational contexts in which there is a need to automatically recognize the license plates, citing only our direct experiences you can use at access control systems in public and private areas (parking , freight truck scales , refuelling points / fuel storage and so on) , the system is also constantly enriched with new features designed to improve performance in terms of reliability of recognition ( recognition combinations of the front and rear ) and all ' extension to the recognition of new types of plates such as those military and those of foreign countries and those of motorcycles.

A special feature of the license plate recognition system is its extreme flexibility that allows it to be used for the recognition of different sizes of plate : for example, to recognize the license plates of military vehicles (Army , Police , Air Force, Forestry Corps etc. ) Or those of motor vehicles, the system must only “know" of the format of the same that often differs from what is normally known to the recognition system. All above considerations are similar to the plates of foreign countries: thanks to this feature the system is also particularly useful in countries where the geometry and type of font license plates are variable.

Automatic Number Plate Reading


CCTV Camera


Analog Camera & Systems

CCTV Camera






The AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI Camera range comes in either HD720P or HD1080P with features including IP66 Weatherproof rating & Smart IR for excellent night time performance. Some of the features include: IR, Fixed Lenses (3.6mm), Vari-Focal Lenses (2.8-12mm), PTZ Cameras, True Day/Night, Low Light, & IP66.  These cameras are best for installation for SOHO & medium size businesses and residential apartments.


For the most demanding video security applications, we offer a variety of specialty camera such as Thermal & Explosion Proof cameras specially designed to deliver the highest-quality video in the harshest environments and lightning conditions.

The Specialty Cameras are fixed/PTZ, explosion proof IP cameras designed to meet the rigorous requirements for hazardous locations with integrated camera/lens/receiver for safe and efficient installation. Featuring low-light technology, multiple compression formats and both upright and inverted operation, these Explosion proof cameras provides the outstanding image quality, performance and reliability you demand in the most challenging environments.


Specialty Camera for Every Application

CCTV Camera




Impressive Video Wall & Digital Signage

Control rooms are the nerve centre of any major operation. They must have a tight grip ­on the situation at all times – and to do so, they need clear, precise, accurate information. All this information needs to be continuously monitored, comprehended and acted upon. And, more often than not, the control room runs around the clock.

High resolution large screen displays are used as the back bone of command and control centres around the globe. They have been specifically designed to meet the most demanding control room environments and have become a vital tool for collaborative monitoring and decision making. We offer LCD, LED, DLP Rear Projection video Walls with Customizable size and shape. CCTV Camera


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